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  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    I've been here for a couple of years now and it hasn't changed since day one. Everyone is still as welcoming, friendly, ego-free, and attentive. The instructors are very technical, knowledgeable, and serious about teaching the art. Expectations for those who walk in here are simple: we are here to learn, train, and support. Show respect, receive respect. Period.

    Paolo L.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    Amazing school, great vibes, and good times. The instructors are very welcoming and technical. It's a great workout. Check them out!

    Tim M.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    Amazing coaches, epic teammates, amazing sanitize mats and also spacious. I don't know, what more do you want this place has it all.

    Bryann V.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    Awesome place for Jiu-Jitsu. Staff is amazing especially coach Kyle and Conner. They are very attentive, patient, respectful, and energetic with the kids. Best experience ever for my kids. Thanks to Total Jiu-Jitsu my kids are very passionate, dedicated, and love Jiu-Jitsu. The training they got at Total Jiu-Jitsu has helped them grow and become a great Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

    Liz P.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    Love training here. Great instruction and team.

    Jeremy S.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    Truly a wonderful group of people. I wanted to put my 6 year old in some sort of martial arts class and decided on BJJ because I liked the idea there wasn't any punching involved and yet at the same time it is arguably the best self defense for a one on one encounter. The thing I wasn't expecting at all was just how great the guys who run this place are - Artin and Kyle and all the other coaches are just the most welcoming and humble bunch of people you could ever hope to meet. For kids as well as adults. Seriously, DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE INTIMIDATED ABOUT TRYING THIS PLACE OUT.

    After having my son in their classes for a while, they talked me into trying one of the adult classes... and I was blown away. Not having done any grappling before, I wasn't really prepared for the intensity you experience right on day one... Truth be told, I kind of panicked and was a bit of a spaz for a while. But true to their character, the coaches patiently just kept trying to help me work on my breathing and learn to be calm in the heat of battle.

    When we put my son in a new school that would mean moving out of the area, we even tried to find a house that would still allow him to train here. We were unable to in the end, but just the fact that this was a factor in us BUYING A HOUSE should give you some idea of how highly my wife and I think of this place and the coaches there.

    As for BJJ, for those of you just wondering in general if it's a good thing for kids... I'm 6'2 and 230 lbs... and recently got PUT ON MY ASS by a 16 year old girl at the place I train now. Granted I'm a white belt still and she's been training for quite a while but still... is there any reason on earth you wouldn't want your daughter (or son) to have that kind of power?

    Cannot recommend highly enough.

    Jeremy K.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    Excellence in coaching and cleanliness. The other student's energy and passion is inspiring. Everyone, students and coaches included, are both welcoming and encouraging. The coaches help bring out your best with a balance of high expectations and a patient understanding that to get the best from someone they have to meet each student where they are individual. The environment is great for veterans and beginners alike.

    Will A.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    My son has been training since April 2017. The instructors are top notch- they really care about their students, and they have been very supportive of my 15-year-old son. He enjoys his classes, is always excited to try and practice a new submission on me or his sister :/. I believe this club saved my son from a destructive path. I am forever grateful to Kyle and Artin.

    Kathy M.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    As a long-time judoka who has always loved newaza and gotten tired of repeat judo injuries, I had been looking to transition into jiu-jitsu for a while but just hadn't found the right place. When I saw the Total Jiu-Jitsu sign on their new location and contacted them, the combination of great location, convenient schedule and receptive staff got me in the door... From then on, the awesome atmosphere, fantastic instructors, and great group of players to roll with has made me quickly addicted to the sport. Serendipity! One of those things that happen in life that just seem like they were meant to be. 

    The coaches are knowledgeable, attentive, supportive and clearly very talented. Everyone here is friendly and the vibe is very positive. The space is bright, open, huge and inviting - a rarity as far as dojos go in my experience. Overall a fantastic place to learn the beautiful art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and get a total workout. I've been training with the team for a year and a half and it's become an integral part of my life - and many training partners have become good friends. I strongly recommend Total Jiu-Jitsu with absolutely no hesitation whatsoever.

    Filipe B.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    Was in LA for two weeks and wanted to find a visitor-friendly gym. The owners were totally chill about giving me a reasonable deal during my stay. Really friendly vibes and solid instructors - will definitely go back when I am in LA again!

    David C.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    I dropped in on a Sunday with a buddy for their open mat. Everyone was super welcoming and crazy talented. Everything from the large open and clean facility to the way the students and head instructor Artin treated us, spoke volumes of the gym. Very high caliber place and chill jiu-jitsu family. I highly recommend checking total jiu-jitsu out. Thanks for having us guys!

    Charly M.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    Our kids have done a few martial arts at different places over the years. This place was completely different. They created a very open warm feeling environment for our kids to learn in and actually enjoyed coming to class.

    Ankoma M.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    Awesome facility with huge mat space and world-class technical grappling instruction by Coach Artin. Highly recommended. 

    Liban A.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    Total jiu-jitsu is top notch. I started training 5 months ago and have been hooked since day one. I had never trained before so I was relieved to find that the coaches and team members have created such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to learn jiu-jitsu. The fundamental & mixed level classes typically consist of a fair amount of beginners and seasoned practitioners, so the training is great no matter what level you are.  There's a ton of mat space and the place is super clean. On top of that parking is free and easy. 

    If you are thinking about trying jiu-jitsu or are simply looking for a place to train in the area, the total is the place to be!

    Kyle S,
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    This place deserves more than 5 stars !! Great instruction and great people to train with.

    Montay W.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    My 8 year old son loved coming here. He would sometimes whine about coming but on our way home always glad he came. Place is very clean & spacious. All the instructors super cool & make you feel welcome.

    Elizabeth S.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    A super clean facility, amazing instructors, and a great Jiu Jitsu family feel. My kids and I enjoy learning and training here.

    Normia A.
  • Kids Martial Arts Eagle Rock

    Space is super open and welcoming. Nothing but good vibes and awesome jiu-jitsu!

    Muzaff J.

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